The Hines development was named The Trinity Quarter after a summer of research and development in 2019 – taking into account its strong heritage as a block of buildings, its history adjacent to the 17th Century Trinitatis Church. The neighbourhood developed further to include many years as the home for textile and publishing companies, students and most recently the University – bringing real status to this area of Copenhagen city. We therefore wanted to carry both these elements forward with a name to reflect the importance of the area, and remembering its historic roots – and the final name selected was The Trinity Quarter.

The designs for The Trinity Quarter identity and logo were developed after thorough research into the architecture and fittings in the original Købmagergade buildings, including many the window panes (fenestration) which led to the round style of the logo identity, and its transformation into a ‘Q’ for Quarter. The colours were thoughtfully chosen in combination with the architects to reflect traditional pigments inspired by the interiors from many of the surrounding historic buildings discovered in the renovations, and references to different tones popular throughout Denmark’s history to give the identity a unique look and feel.